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New View Alliance (NVA) is committed to equipping both agencies’ workforces with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary in identifying and addressing the reality of systemic inequity that exists at a local and national level. The inequities navigated by staff and clients are undoubtedly intersectional, which means NVA must strategically address disparities compounded on the front of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, ability status, and more. In order to be effective in this approach, our design and implementation of strategic initiatives aim to encourage transformative, tangible change across programs, policies, staffing, leadership development, vendors, community engagement and advocacy efforts.


Empowering communities through strategic alliances, New View Alliance focuses on advocacy, collaboration, and service to advance social change for the well-being of children and families in Western New York.

JEDI Commitment

  • Define and promote our JEDI commitment, vision, and values; acknowledge our mission’s intersection with racial and economic equity  


  • Use of voice and influence to advance JEDI through our services, staff, policy, advocacy, and community partnerships


  • Ensure accountability by identifying metrics to evaluate outcomes and progress



  • Develop a clear pipeline to encourage internal mobility and support diversity at executive leadership level 


  • Empower the Board, staff, youth and families to  be equity champions and change agents 


  • Define and establish leadership accountability


Inclusion, Education, and Celebration

  • Secure an equitable and intentionally inclusive organizational culture 


  • Promote opportunities for community building 


  • Foster an environment of trust and transparency 


  • Increase opportunities for DEIJ knowledge and skill-building;  leverage resources to address issues of privilege, power, bias, and belonging 


  • Ensure equity and eliminate bias in organizational policy and decision-making


Recruitment, Hiring, and Policy

  • Address and eliminate bias & inaccessibility in the sourcing and interview process


  • Attract and retain a vibrant talent pool 


  • ​Ensure HR policies and practices are equitable and inclusive


Community Impact, Partnership, and Advocacy 

  • Establish strategic alliances and partnerships


  • Strategically engage diverse suppliers and vendors 


  • Leverage affiliation to propel anti-racist policies and efforts in partnership with the community  


Service Delivery

  • Ensure cultural competence and humility in all practices with youth and families


  • Ensure equitable processes and practices in service delivery 

  • Elicit consumer voice, culture, and choice in every aspect of service delivery

Using this framework as a guide, NVA is committed to strategically revamping organizational processes and service delivery through initiatives focused on diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion. 

NVA is developing a multi-pronged strategic plan over three years that is committed to advancing intersectional equity across all processes/programs by zeroing in on organizational culture, polices, staffing, leadership development, community partnerships, and service delivery. The DEIJ strategic plan will encompass the following:

•    Establishing an Equity Work Group with staff involvement and client collaboration - an opportunity to help shape and propel strategic initiatives/programming;

•    Racial Equity Impact Analysis Training for Board Members, Executive Leadership teams, and all stakeholders with influence in key decisions, policies and practices;

•    Expanded and targeted recruitment efforts, intentional talent development, training and knowledge building 

•    Establishment of partnerships with other CBO’s (GLYS WNY; Say Yes Buffalo, etc.) to connect youth and families with resources to support their long-term success; and

•    Diversification of vendor/supplier engagement to support economic equity by updating RFPs and intentional engagement with BIPOC-owned/MWBE businesses.

NVA will provide and promote opportunities for DEIJ knowledge and skill-building so that every member of the workforce is equipped to engage in conversations, decision-making and service delivery that promote cultural competence, humility, and anti-racism. However, we also recognize that training is not enough. To foster and promote truly equitable systems for staff, youth and families that can be sustained, NVA is committed to facilitating an organizational culture shift that is grounded in the implementation of a formal and comprehensive DEIJ strategic plan, shaped by the lived experiences of staff and families served.

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