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Leading social change through advocacy, collaboration and service to children and families

Discover how the NVA Board of Directors, James W. Coder, CEO, and Carolyne DeFranco, President, are creating a roadmap to continued success.

No one of us is as smart, or as strong, as all of us together! Find out more about NVA's advocacy work and how you can join us in these efforts.

NVA supports efficiency and quality through shared administrative services for finance, human resources, information technology, corporate integrity and DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice).

Find out all that we do and how you can join the team!

NVA is propelling intersectional equity, inclusion, justice, and empowerment across all facets of organizational culture and service delivery. 

Find out more about the people and services of Gateway-Longview, Inc. and New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc.

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