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To meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing service environment, Gateway-Longview, Inc., and New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc, have joined in a strategic affiliation with the creation of a new parent company, New View Alliance, Inc., which is now among the largest non-profits in Western New York.

As the parent company, New View Alliance provides oversight, strategic planning and advocacy for both affiliated agencies, each of which will continue to operate as individual service entities but with a shared strategic vision. The affiliation also allows for the parent company to provide shared administrative support for finance, human resources, information technology, corporate integrity, and DEIJ (Diversion, Equity, Inclusion and Justice)

In the parent-affiliate model, Gateway-Longview, Inc and New Directions Youth & Family Services, Inc. maintain their individual services and community relationships, ensuring that both organizations remain strong, vital partners with county and state governments, schools and other community
service organizations.

Find out more about our affiliated agencies, the innovative and successful services that they provide, and the people they serve by clicking on the links below:

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