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A time of deep sorrow and also, unending hope

With deep sorrow, we pause to recognize the first anniversary of the horrific shooting at the Tops market in Buffalo. Words fall short in expressing our thoughts and emotions at this unspeakable event. We mourn for the victims, their families, and our wider community. Our hearts reach out to them.

However sincere and needed these words are, however, they alone are not enough. When we are left with tragedy, we need to keep taking action. We must reach out to those so who have been so deeply affected. We must volunteer, educate, and offer up our resources. We must engage with our families, neighbors, and friends in meaningful conversations about promoting inclusion, love, and hope. Each of us must be an agent for change.

At this time, we must redouble our efforts to strive for a community that is just, equitable, and peaceful for all people. We seek a nation where differences in people are not vilified but embraced and celebrated. We long for a world where our diversity does not divide us but instead enriches us. Together, we must make a solemn commitment to honor and raise everyone. We cannot rest until we achieve all we dare to dream.


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